QuickBooks is an industry-leading program mainly used in small and medium-sized businesses for accounting, payroll, payments, and time-tracking. This course focuses on hands-on learning to cover user interface navigation, planning, company profile customization, opening balances, managing and recording customers, vendors, and banking transactions. Participants will also learn how to simultaneously log in and work directly with data online.

Few of the topics covered are as below:

  1. Install/Setup your QuickBooks software
  2. Setup and clean your chart of accounts and item lists
  3. Help you get QuickBooks Payroll setup correctly
  4. Customize your forms and QuickBooks settings
  5. Evaluate your current Bookkeeping workflow and QuickBooks usage
  6. Train you in the proper use of QuickBooks
  7. Reconcile your bank accounts and show you how to upkeep your bank balances
  8. Teach you how to create custom reports and understand your financial statements

Some things you will learn as part of One on One Training

  1. What is a Chart of Accounts and help you customize yours based on the industry
  2. Invoices – Create custom invoices, recurring transactions and track them.
  3. Receiving Payments – Apply payments, Match Transactions, discounts etc.
  4. Entering and Paying Bills. Banking – Reconciling, dealing with deposits posted incorrectly, what to do when the balances don’t match.
  5. Monthly Closing – Balance Sheet and P&L Analysis, Reconciling A/R, A/P & Inventory to the General Ledger. Setting a Closing Date and Password.
  6. Setting up Items (Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service, etc.) Job Costing – Setting-up Job Costing, Posting Transactions, and Analyzing Job Cost Reports.
  7. Reports – Understanding a Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Sales History, Trial Balance, and Customizing Reports.

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