Construction Accounting Services

At Jain Consulting, we understand that construction accounting extends beyond the traditional accounting and bookkeeping functions of a fixed-location business. Whether you’re a local craftsman, a residential contractor, or you manage a large commercial construction company, we’re here to meet your accounting needs while you’re on the go.

Our Cary, NC Tax, Payroll & Accounting firm offers specialized construction accounting services for industry professionals. When you work with us, profits are maximized and retained to ensure continued success and sustainability, regardless of economic fluctuations and market shifts. With an in-depth understanding of the unique financial needs a construction business faces, our experienced accountants can assist with traditional accounting tasks, cash flow, and so much more. From job estimating costing – including travel time, logistics, mobilization and demobilization when a job ends – to fixed asset accounting and beyond, we pride ourselves on helping construction companies thrive, not just survive. We will also assist with the complex tax implications of running a construction business, including strategies that ensure you pay the lowest amount of tax possible.

Accounting for the Construction Industry

Call us today at 919-349-5414 or request a free consultation to find out how Jain Consulting can put together a total package of accounting services for your construction business.

  1. Full-service accounting for contractors
  2. Fixed asset accounting
  3. Tax compliance services
  4. Job estimating and costing
  5. Payroll provider
  6. QuickBooks™ setup and support
  7. Sales tax processing
  8. Month-end closings
  9. Cash balance tracking
  10. Bank reconciliations
  11. General ledger maintenance
  12. Operational reviews

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